Spend your holidays in Ventspils and visit the new Science Centre VIZIUM!

Spend your holidays in Ventspils and visit the new Science Centre VIZIUM!

Spend your holidays in Ventspils and visit the new Science Centre VIZIUM!

On 18 June, the unique Science Centre VIZIUM will open its doors to visitors, offering more than 80 interactive and education-oriented exhibits in seven galleries dedicated to technologies and natural sciences, thus allowing the visitors to immerse into the STEM world. VIZIUM will be a wonderful place to have a great time for the entire family and a popular destination of field trips full of adventures – altogether a great place to acquire new knowledge and to enjoy unforgettable experiences throughout the year.

The VIZIUM visitors will have the opportunity to travel to the city of future, where, by means of technology, they will challenge themselves and test both their abilities and physical strength, as well as their knowledge in geography and world history. Furthermore, the visitors will learn more about Latvian nature, human emotions, and the human body.

At VIZIUM, you will not only explore, but also experience and feel different emotions. The exhibits of the science centre will allow the visitors to put themselves into the shoes of a professional football player and a shooter, to rush down the extreme snowboard slope, to experience a powerful earthquake, to escape a virtual labyrinth, to try on virtual national costumes, to get an adrenaline rush riding a roller coaster, and so much more! The Science Centre has not forgotten about the youngest visitors. The children at pre-school age will also have their share of fun, using the water adventure world attraction, playing one of our childhood classics – the store, and taking up the role of a constructor.

After an active tour through the exhibit hall, the visitors of the science centre will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal at the café of the science centre and to climb the 30 m high VIZIUM viewing platform that reveals an impressive landscape of the city of Ventspils.

The goal of the science centre is to show that science can be fun and interesting, while the entertainment can also provide a lot of knowledge. The exhibits on display at VIZIUM will educate the visitors on the STEM field in an entertaining way, thus allowing them to have a better understanding of the courses to be acquired at school and encouraging young people to focus their future career on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The exhibits also form part of training programmes, exciting technical creative workshops, and science shows, which will provide added value to the visit of the science centre.

The lovers of contemporary architecture and those who just love capturing special moments will definitely not be disappointed, when visiting the Science Centre VIZIUM. The architecture of the science centre building and the dark golden glow of its façade capture attention of each and every passer-by. The pride of the building is, however, the lobby floor. Made of more than 600 000 Murano glass mosaic tiles, the floor of the lobby is designed as a world map with a total area of 365 m2. The map layout is designed in such way so that Latvia, Ventspils, would be located right in the middle of it.

See you at the Science Centre VIZIUM in Ventspils!