Project "Development of
Innovation centre in Ventspils city"

Project “Development of Innovation centre in Ventspils city”

Project number: NFI//IC/VIAA/2020/1
Program:  Research and Education, Innovation Centers

Project Implementation Period: From July 24, 2020 till July 23, 2023.

The aim of the project “Development of Innovation centre in Ventspils city” is to:

• promote knowledge development and career choice in field of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) with special focus on natural sciences and information and communication technologies of pre-school children, pupils and students;

• create Innovation Centre in Ventspils (Latvia) working in close cooperation with science centre “VilVite” (Bergen, Norway) as well as to develop and implement educational programmes and other educational and interactive activities such as technical workshops, science shows.

The total amount of the project is EUR 2 011 676, out of which:

·       EEA/N co-financing EUR 1 538 931,80

·       Latvia state budget co-financing EUR 271 576,20

·       Ventspils state city municipality co-financing EUR 201 168

Project description

Development and approbation of 20 different training programmes in field of STEM for 4 age groups: preschool, primary school, elementary school, secondary school and students. Each age group will have 4 different programmes in the following areas: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. All of these programmes will be linked to the mobile demonstration equipment purchased within the project to link interactive and hands-on activities within the curriculum that will allow to practice and understand material learned or heard at school and elsewhere.

In addition, 12 interactive educational activities - technically creative workshops and science shows will be created for families with children and general public.

In order to promote the educational programmes and activities developed within the project an extensive marketing campaign will be carried out and various events will be organized.

It is planned that at least 230 Latvian pre-school children, pupils, students and at least 57 Latvian teachers will be informed and trained within the project.

Partners of the project: Bergen’s science centre “Vilvite” and Ventspils University of Applied Sciences. 

Contact information:
Kristīne Bergmane-Korāte
IT Cluster Manager

More information on EEA and Norwegian financial instruments available on the websites: and